What is PasukART?                                                    
PasukART is Sonia Gordon-Walinsky’s unique creation of Torah artwork that connects an individual’s name with a pasuk (biblical verse).

This artwork is inspired by the rabbinic tradition of ascribing each person a name pasuk- a biblical verse that begins and ends with the first and last letters of one’s name, or otherwise contains one's name.

This beautifully hand-painted artwork inspires a personal connection to Torah and greatly enriches all life-cycle experiences.

Commission a custom piece of artwork for a special baby naming gift, bar mitzvah gift, bat mitzvah gift, wedding or anniversary gift.  PasukART is also a great way to honor your clergy, executive directors, presidents and other leadership and volunteers. ($400 USD)
Find Your Name Pasuk, or the name pasuk of someone special to you, in the image gallery above. There are verses for Hebrew, Yiddish and English names, for couples and individuals. For more verses, email or call Sonia with the name(s) for which you would like to find a name pasuk.  Every verse in Tanakh (Torah, Prophets and the Writings) is a potential name pasuk.  I will help you find a verse that speaks to you, or that you think will resonate for the person you wish to give a gift to.  

Original PasukArt commissions are 400 USD for one verse. 
Schools and synagogues wishing to commission PasukArt for their B'nai-Mitzvah, graduating classes, or other youth or adult groups will receive a community discount: 300 USD for each piece of artwork.  More on bringing PasukArt and my educational workshops to your community.

For more ways to incorporate PasukArt into your bar/bat mitzvah, for example, in your invitation and tallit read more.

World-renowned Jewish storyteller and Stern College Professor Peninnah Schram writes about the name pasuk and the role it plays in telling the story of our names, of ourselves here.

Rabbi Yael Levy invites her readers to explore the practice of saying one's name pasuk daily to spiritually awake to one's life.

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