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Sonia Gordon-Walinsky is a Torah artist-educator creating original hand-calligraphed and hand-painted artwork, including PasukART. Her unique artwork is an integral component of life-cycle experiences, deepening and enriching the meaning of these events as well as promoting a spiritual process of learning, reflection and growth. 

Sonia created PasukART.com to bring the rabbinic tradition of the name pasuk and the artwork she creates in this tradition to a wider audience. "I have devoted myself to reviving the tradition of the name pasuk and putting my unique spin on it.  I'm not just looking up someone's pasuk in the back of the siddur (prayerbook)I thoroughly research individuals' name p'sukim and create original artwork that links their name with their pasuk- and hopefully their soul." She is affectionately known as "The Pasuk Lady" among name pasuk followers.  

Sonia works with individuals and organizations over the phone/skype, email and in person to find a resonant pasuk.  Ultimately the name pasuk is about 
each person having a piece of Torah to carry with them every day, throughout their life.

Email/call Sonia to get a list of name p'sukim- or even better, invite Sonia to lead a name pasuk workshop in your area. 

Overtime Sonia's artwork has expanded to include Hebrew and English calligraphy in many applications including fabric and clay with her mother, Nina Gordon.  Sonia and Nina work on their ceramic and fabric creations in Nina's Philadelphia studio. Many projects are always in the works!

Our inspiration to create comes directly from the prayer experience and its relevance to our lives. Sonia says "When I'm praying I often experience a text that I've read countless times before jumping out at me as if I'm reading it for the first time, and pulling me to create art with it. This recently happened with the bircat hahodesh (blessing for the new month)- I was in synagogue listening to the bircat hahodesh and my husband's beautiful davenning brought me to a new consciousness about the words I was saying amen to.  I brought the prayer to the ceramic studio and my mom and I created several bowls with excerpts from this prayer. The blessing for the new month really sums up so many of our prayers- for good health, long life and blessing."

Sonia is a graduate of List College, the Joint Program between Columbia University and The Jewish Theological Seminary where she earned a BA in American History and in Jewish literature with a focus on liturgy. As a full-time Drisha Institute Arts Fellow in 2007-8, Sonia's
studies profoundly influenced her process for creating PasukART. While at Drisha, she also studied Sofrut (Scribal Arts) with Soferet STAM Jen Taylor Friedman.  Sonia dreams of joining with four other women sofrot to write a Sefer Torah.

Group Exhibitions:

Current               Volumes VI, curated by Tobi Kahn, JTS Library, NY

2011                    Volumes II, curated by Tobi Kahn, JTS Library, NY

2011                   Creating Holiness; curated by Tobi Kahn, Ramath Orah, NY

2009                  Skirball Artists’ Beit Midrash, curated by Tobi Kahn, Temple Emanuel, NY

2008                  Drisha Art Fellows Exhibition of Works, JCC in Manhattan, NY (Artist and Curator)

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Sonia's micrographic illustrations are currently on display at JTS and to be published in a forthcoming book "Jewish Stories of Love and Marriage: Folktales, Legends and Letters" by Sandy Sasso and Peninnah Schram. Pre-orders are available from Amazon here

Read a Jewish Week article featuring Sonia, among other contemporary women scribes, and her experience of writing her first mezuzzah:
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