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PasukART in Your Community

The PasukArt B’nai-Mitzvah Initiative integrates PasukArt into the congregational b’nai-mitzvah experience. Each bar/bat-mitzvah receives this meaningful artwork with great personal significance. By making a commitment to giving PasukArt as a gift to your b’nai-mitzvah and presenting this gift during your synagogue services you invite the whole community to share in the experience and be inspired. 

PasukART Workshops
In addition to this meaningful artwork, I lead one or more workshops to fully engage your b'nai mitzvah (and parents) in the process of exploring their Jewish identity through the name pasuk. Participants find meaning and connection to their Hebrew names, learn about the tradition of the name pasuk and select and creatively translate their
name p'sukim. A second workshop gives students an opportunity to engage their artistic senses in the process of creating a visual, musical or written midrash connecting their name and their pasuk to themselves. 
Selecting a Person’s Pasuk 
Just as there are many paths to Torah, there are many ways of finding a person’s pasuk. For example, the pasuk ’מה טובו אוהליך יעקב משכנותיך ישראל’ (How lovely are your tents, Jacob, your dwellings Israel.) is suitable for Michal, because both her name and the pasuk begin with מ and end with ל. This pasuk is also suitable for Yaakov, because his name is found within the verse. The process of selecting the p’sukim is tailored to you. If for any reason you do not wish to involve the recipients of PasukArt in the selection of their p’sukim, this may be done by phone or email with a representative of your community.

Rabbi Yael Ridberg on the impact of PasukArt at West End Synagogue:
“Sonia has created a very special tradition in our congregation. When our children become b’nai-mitzvah, the congregation commissions an artistic rendering of the student’s pasuk... These special pieces created by Sonia are treasured by our students... Each piece that Sonia creates is unique for each student, and what comes through each one of them is the beauty of the Hebrew language, the poetry of the verses, and the meaning found in the words. That each piece is also beautiful to look at is all the more powerful.  The information Sonia includes about the pasuk on the back of the plaque adds an educational element to the art.”

Cost for artwork and workshops
Workshop(s) will be determined based on the length of the program(s) and travel time. 
Individual PasukArt commissions are $400. Communities participating in the PasukArt B’nai-Mitzvah Initiative will receive a discounted price of $300 for each PasukArt. The shul can cover the cost, or share the cost with parents, or it can be built into parents’ b’nai-mitzvah fees. Artwork comes matted and protected in a presentation-ready clear envelope.  Framing is an additional cost.

PasukArt are beautiful pieces of art, with general appeal and yet special meaning to the recipient, as they are based on each person’s individual name. The idea of including information about the pasuk on the back of the plaque adds an educational element to the art. Each piece is an individual work of art- I hope my daughters receive them for their bat mitzvahs- it would be a wonderful tradition to share with them.” Karen, member of synagogue participating in PasukArt B'nai Mitzvah Initiative

“We had a very festive day today and [Sonia’s] lovely art work was an important part of it...My daughter loved the piece, she understood how the verse related to her, and was anxious to hang it, perhaps even tonight! Thank you so much for the collaboration, for the beautiful work, and for being a part of a wonderful day in our family’s life.” Bliss, member of synagogue participating in PasukArt B'nai Mitzvah Initiative

World-renowned Jewish storyteller and Stern College Professor Peninnah Schram's article featuring Sonia's PasukART and Peninnah's story of finding her name pasuk can be read in Kol Hamevasar volume III issue 6, p. 14