Blessing and Mindfulness Bowls

A Mother-Daughter Collaboration by Nina Gordon and Sonia Gordon-Walinsky 

Nina is a potter who has brought beauty and personality to functional ceramics, Judaic ritual objects and prayerful sculptures for decades. In the past couple of years Nina and Sonia have combined their skills, passions, and media, to create many pieces of artwork and have jointly exhibited in 3 group exhibitions at Temple Emanuel and the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC. These bowls have grown out of our desire to bring blessings into the objects we use.
Our Blessing and Mindfulness Bowls are loosely inspired by ancient incantation bowls from Iraq and Iran. When we began with our bowls, we were looking to create an object that would be a vessel for healing and we envisioned creating rituals with the bowls like eating healing foods, pouring healing water over one's hands, filling a bowl with pine cones and leaves to infuse a space with nature's healing.

The concept of the ancient incantation bowl was a starting point for us. The raw, primitive feeling of the unglazed clay and of the spiraling text inside the bowl make these bowls a powerful object for healing.  We imbue the bowls with our personal prayers for healing.  Hand thrown bowls and hand carved words have a way of conveying the depth and soul of the prayer- for example "Heal us and we will be healed"- much more powerfully than anything machine made.

Maggie Anton's historical novel "Rav Hisda's Daughter" tells the story of Hisdadukh, a young Jewish woman who makes magical incantation bowls, like the ancient ones that inspired us.  Read more about her book at                                        917.822.7963