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These hand-painted original ketubbot are available for purchase as fine art prints, starting at 450 USD plus shipping. (NY sales subject to sales tax)

Ketubbah Texts: (Please inquire to learn which texts are available with each border)
1) Official Orthodox Ketubbah (Aramaic)
2) Official Conservative Ketubbah, with the Lieberman Clause (Aramaic)
3) Rabbi Gordon Tucker's Egalitarian Ketubbah (Hebrew and English)
4) Rabbi Ebn Leader's Egalitarian Ketubbah (Aramaic)
5) Reform Egalitarian Ketubbah (English with Hebrew introduction)
6) Custom texts may be hand-written in any of the above ketubbah prints or in a custom ketubbah. Custom texts are priced per word.

Please inquire about these texts if you are not familiar with them! I am happy to help you find the text that is most relevant to you. Download the above listed texts, as well as a few others here:

Official Orthodox Ketubah (Aramaic and English).pdf
1.4 MB

Official Conservative Ketubah (Aramaic, Hebrew & English, plus Letter of Intent).pdf
3.0 MB

Rabbi Gordon Tucker's Ketubah (Hebrew and English).pdf
717.4 KB

Rabbi Ebn Leader's Ketubah (Aramaic and English).pdf
65.3 KB

Reform Egalitarian Ketubah (English with Hebrew Intro).pdf
23.8 KB

Rachel Adler's Brit Ahuvim (Hebrew and English).pdf75.2 KB

"New" Ketubah (English).pdf
24.8 KB

Read more about the history of the ketubbah and ketubbah texts at Ritual Well or MyJewishLearning

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