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Aishet Chayil / Woman of Valor •  Ani Ldodi / I am My Beloved's 
Bircat HaBayit / Blessing for Home • Asher Yatzar / Blessing for Body 
Shabbat HaMalkah / The Sabbath Queen                                                 
Shabbat HaMalkah / The Sabbath Queen
Fine Art Print (Giclee): 50 USD unframed, 150 framed
(Artwork dimensions: 8"x10") 

Translation of the Hebrew:
The sun has already disappeared beyond the treetops, Come let us go and welcome the Sabbath queen. She is already descending, the holy, the blessed, And with her are angels, a host of peace and rest. Come now, come, O queen, Come now, come, O Sabbath bride, Peace be upon you, O angels of peace. 
-Hayim Nahman Bialik (1873-1934) Israeli national poet 

This piece illustrates the scene of the poem’s first stanza: the sun setting over the trees. The text is written in walnut ink, further drawing a connection between the words and the trees they represent. The poem describes the greeting of the Sabbath, and borrows words from the two liturgical poems “L’kha Dodi/ Come My Beloved” and “Shalom Aleikhem/ Peace Upon You” which also welcome the Sabbath Bride and angels, and are sung on the Sabbath evening.

Ani L'dodi / I am My Beloved's

Fine Art Print (Giclee):
50 USD unframed
70 USD personalized, unframed
150 USD personalized and framed
Custom papercut 500 USD
(Artwork dimensions: 8"x10") 

The words of this print, “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li” mean “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” 

They come from Shir Hashirim (The Song of Songs), which is filled with words of adoration and affection between man and woman, God and Israel. In making this statement of mutual love, the author of Shir Hashirim refutes the statement in an earlier book of Tanakh (The Bible), that “[a woman’s] desire shall be [exclusively] for her husband” (Genesis 3:16). Apparently this author knew the love of equals, the love of beloveds. 

This print is perfect for celebrating engagement, marriage and anniversaries.

“I just received the gorgeous piece of calligraphy that you did of Bialik's Shabbat Hamalka and I absolutely love it.  It is now hanging near the Shabbat candles I use each week. For many years I have sung this before lighting the candles and it is particularly meaningful for me to have your lovely illumination of the text.  You managed to echo the words through your artistic interpretation and I hear the music when I look at it.”

-Minda  Ottawa, Canada

Asher Yatzar/ Blessing for Human Body
Art Print: 50 USD unframed, 150 framed
(Artwork dimensions: 10"x10") 
The daily prayer Asher Yatzar blesses God for the intricacy of the workings of the human body. These intricacies are reflected in the interlacing frames, borrowed from a 15th century Hebrew Bible. The text includes vowels.

Aishet Chayil/  Woman of Valor

Art Print: 50 USD unframed, 150 framed
(Artwork dimensions: 11"x14") 
Proverbs 31 is hand calligraphed in the shape of the hamsa, symbolizing the hand of the Aishet Chayil, the Woman of Valor. The design within the hand is reminiscent of henna designs. The layering of each verse further symbolizes the rippling effect of woman's actions and influence. For the English, I compared many existing translations and added some of my own, combining literal and figurative translation, where I felt moved.

Bircat HaBayit / Blessing for the Home
Art Print: 50 USD unframed, 150 framed
(Artwork dimensions: 13"x13") 
This delicate and peaceful blessing for the home reads: Please God bring into our home light, joy, peace, friendship and abundant blessing.  Butterfly-like ornaments of light radiate outward.